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Download Issues

After you have made your purchase, you will be presented with a screen

which looks similar to the one on the right.


You must first click "Proceed to Download Portal"













Then you will get this screen where you should click "Download"














Where is my File?


This will depend on a few things.. Firstly the web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari).

We strongly recommend using Chrome to browse our site as it loads players faster and ultimatley gets things done better.


By default, most browsers download files into your computers "Downloads Folder". You can find this on a Mac in "Finder" in your Dock at the bottom of your mac screen, then your folders will be listed along the left hand side of the Finder Window.


In Windows the Downloads Folder can be found by searching for it in the search bar at the bottom of your screen where it says "Ask me anything..". Just type in "Downloads" then it will be displayed above in the search list. Alternatively, Windows 7 users can find it by accessing My Computer or your personal folder where you find your other folders like My Pictures, My Documents etc.. it will be listen on the left hand side in there.


You can also find your file instantly after Downloading from the portal from your browser.Click the relevant screenshot below to see where your downloaded track is directly after downloading from the download portal:
















My File is in wrong format (.doc)


Sometimes this happens when a download error has occured or the download hasn't finished downloading. It can also be because your computers default programs are set incorrectly - whereby a file such as an Mp3 is set to open in Word. Checking your default programs can resolve this issue. However if the problem still persists please email us with your order ID and we will email you the track within 24 hours via email as an attachment.




I cannot change Non-Broadcast to Broadcast Licence on Checkout:


By Default, Non-Broadcast licence is selected when adding a track to your basket. To change this to a broadcast Licence click "View Cart"





OR if you click Checkout, click the Change Items button whilst in Checkout window










I have exceeded the maximum amount of Downloads


Please be careful when downloading, clicking the Download button multiple times will count towards how many times you are allowed to download your track. If you have exceeded this limit. Please try to find your Download using the methods listed above as it is more than likely saved on your computer somewhere. If you cannot find it in your downloads folder, try searching for it in the search bar by typing the tracks name in, then if it appears, right click it, then click open file location. Make a note of the file location as it's likely this is where all your downloads are going. Alternatively contact us and we will email you the track within 48 hours.



iPad & iPhone Downloads


There are no ways to download an .mp3 directly through Safari, it will not let you save it as a file on your iOS device. It will only let you play the file as Apple uses iTunes for all music downloads.


It is possible however to send you the track via email, and if you save the attachment from your email to iCloud Drive it will be stored on your iPad or iPhone.


If you want the track you purchased to be physically stored on your iPad please email us with:


1. Your Order ID (You will receive this via email after your purchase has been made)

2. The name of the track(s) you purchased


We will then send you your track as an attachment via email which will look similar to the screenshot below:



Tap the track and it will give you the option to save it to iCloud Drive


iCloud Drive message will appear asking you to add it to your

home screen. The track will be found inside iCloud Drive.


Please note the tutorial above is subject to change and may

depend on your iCloud settings.




attachment home view cart change order1 order2 Edge






Urgent Notice:


If you experience issues downloading files using Firefox, please try with another browser like Chrome. Some customers downloads are appearing as a "File" format instead of an mp3, this is due to a Firefox issue.