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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain high quality wav files?


Yes,  purchasers of Broadcast licences can obtain wav files at no extra cost. Simply email us using or quoting your paypal name and we will provide a download link within 72 hours.


Can you provide edits of pieces to my spec?


Yes, we can adjust timing, create loops of specific parts, add or delete instruments, at your request. There is a fee of $25 for bespoke edits. Bulk purchasers will receive substantial discounts. Please contact us for a quote.


Can you send me a licence?


Yes, personalised licences are provided, free of charge, upon request. These are invariably needed for broadcast and theatrical release.


Are the tracks registered with Performing Rights organisations?


No, so there are no additional royalties to pay by you, in any circumstances. For broadcast, you may be required to fill in a cue sheet, in order to satisfy licencing requirements of a broadcaster, but this will not entail additional cost to you or the broadcaster.


Who owns the copyright?


The pieces are copyrighted to Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey of Purple Planet Music.

Licensing to you does not alter the ownership of copyright.


Can I edit a piece?


Yes, you are welcome to change a piece’s length or edit it in any way you wish to fit your project.


Youtube are asking me to prove ownership of rights - can you help?


Yes, email us with your youtube account name and we can send you a personlized licence to forward to youtube.