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m u s i c

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big earth 2


Fat bouncy organ combined with retro synth creates ideal puzzle game theme tune containing many quirky ups and downs, whilst containing a sense of fun and mystery.


Clarinet, xylophone, flute, pizzicato and strings combine to create a fun mischievous comedy style track, very useful for animation or video game use.

Pulsing tuba bass, chirpy piccolo, joyful synth and quirky xylophone create a simple, happy bouncy children's track implying having fun, being bright and cheerful and ultimately being happy.theme or soundtrack!

Deep Pulsing tuba with pleasant quirky xylophone and joyful synth phrases suggests a happy, confident children’s style track, full of warmth and character making it very suitable as a perky animal theme.

Sweet, cute and friendly track with lots of joyful, uplifting bouncy elements. The track features happy instrumentation throughout making it ideal for Children or cartoon themed project.

Chirpy electronic keyboard with a bouncy electro synth melody creates a happy and joyful style theme tune ideal for platform game. The melody contains many sweet, delicate and cute elements making it ideal to resemble a gaming character.

Upbeat glockenspiel and chirpy xylophone provides happy, upbeat, joyful animation or childrens melody featuring bouncy, catchy oboe and magical synth elements.

A happy and joyful upbeat track featuring bass clarinet and quirky string instrumentation throughout, creating a fast exciting melody designed with catchy, wacky and funny elements to represent simple quirky adverts, children or animal themed projects.

pizzicato strings, harp rums and piano produce a light and beautifully uplifting track with magical chime elements. Ideal for Children's projects or animation.

Wakey wakey! Piano and string fanfare gets you out of bed. Piccolo melody tinkles away as you get ready - it's a lovely Spring day!.

A Fun and lively childrens circus fair ground style track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Suggests clowns or party entertainment.

Skippy kids piece with flowing melody with lots of discovery about it. Lots of cascading xylophones and percussion. Suggests joyous kids journey or quest. Suitable for cartoons/preschool material for kids.

Cheerful children's piece with bouncy clarinet melody and featuring toy glockenspiel, and marching drums. Includes contrasting bridge.

Simplistic glockenspiel notes backed with joyful, acoustic guitar makes a happy and positive track suitable for simplistic themed advertising projects, or children's sing-alongs. Lots of joyful uplifting aspects to this track making it very popular for short introductions.

Playful instrumental track featuring vibes conjuring up image of an inquisitive baby on a crawl about. The melody features happy characteristics with a sense of adventure making it useful for educational themes.

























dramatic loops

A very colourful and delicate instrumental track featuring a large array of instruments such as piano, flute, xylophone, wood blocks and delicate strings to create a fun, happy, flowing childrens style track with beautiful flowing ups and downs throughout.

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