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m u s i c

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big earth 2


Childrens choir is combined with uplifting African drums, backed with heavenly synth to create a sense of paradise or freedom. Suggested end use: Heaven, Paradise, Freedom, Surreal.


Distant flute backed with heart warming harp creates a slow and pleasant background ideal for scenes of beauty or relaxation. The melody contains a care-free, laidback vibe, making it suitable for a video tour or introduction.

A  modern  chilled out background track useful for travel, documentary or relaxing themed projects. Instruments include Sitar, Tambura and Indian Flute.

Strange, zany electronic synth chords create a sci-fi retro styled melody featuring bizzare electronic futuristic elements. Very useful back ground music for game or technolgy oriented project with a retro twist.

Slow synth washes instantly provide a nice positive feeling background bed for sharp piano chords and oriental style strings which play to create a positive ambient backing track with a slight emotional edge of happiness.

A tranquil array of mixed electronic ambient instrumentation which is great for meditational, health, spa and many more stles of relaxation purposes.

Timely piano chords overlaid with luscious zonal strings and enchanting ambient washes creates ideal melody for visual project or luxurious scenes.

Slow electronic piano containing a slight modern, contemporary vibe is backed with delicate chimes creating a pleasant carefree atmosphere with luxurious elements of relaxation and comfort.

Slow unwinding synth creates washing waves of mellow scenery, making an ideal background piece for tranquil scenes of escape or tranquillity. Great if used with slow water or oceanic scenes to imply relaxing or a luxurious location.

Confident finger clicks backed with cool jazz instrumentals including jazz organ and piano create a contemporary vibe  great for conveying high class, luxury and style.

A magical array of instruments featuring brass, violin, descending flute and occasional wood blocks suggest a new discovery or journey into a secret place or location in an ambient seascape background style.

Soft acoustic instrumentals overlaid with colourful ambient washes create a mild sense of escape and luxury. The melody itself is very flowing and calming, making it useful for short travel, documentary or photography uses.

Violin and an array of orchestral instruments are used to create an upper class background suitable for contemporary or mature video projects. The style suggests corporate business or travel documentary style theme music.

A mysterious combination of flute and background synthesizers which blend together with acoustic guitar to create a calm gentle atmosphere offering a slightly tranquil edge.


Bass guitar, saxophone and drums are a few of the instruments used here to create a cool detective style piece with hints of suspense throughout. Occasional choral elements also suggest track could be used for cinematic theme.

Authentic Oriental instrumentation such as Gamelan Gong,Taiko Drums, Dizi Flute, Bawu Flute and Thai Gong create an uplifting traditional Asian styled melody which works great if used with Chinese scenery or culture.























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