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Playful Loops

Upbeat, slightly retro fast electronic chords create a continuous puzzle game like melody suitable for touch screen games or apps. The melody is fast, upbeat and quirky with a childrens style theme. Electronic synths wash and sweep in the background.


A mixture of instruments including casual acoustic guitar, simple chimes and catchy trumpet makes a creative track great for creative projects such as art and craft, cooking, make-up, or casual themes in general requiring a simplistic theme.

A happy and joyful upbeat track featuring bass clarinet and quirky string instrumentation throughout, creating a fast exciting melody designed with catchy, wacky and funny elements to represent simple quirky adverts, children or animal themed projects.

Sweet, cute and friendly track with lots of joyful, uplifting bouncy elements. The track features happy instrumentation throughout making it ideal for Children or cartoon themed project. Also, very useful for animal themes or puzzle game background theme music.

Traditional country style track designed with fun and wacky wild west elements. Suggests a state of panic such as running around a farm yard trying to catch an animal going wild. Great track for upbeat lively comedy purposes.

Easy going xylophone combined with bright flute passages suggests a fresh start and fresh beginning.

Playful children's piece with a hint of mischievousness and mystery. Gentle celesta with pizzicato strings and flute trills. Suggests small character, in this case a small dog, which could imply friendly fun or a little cute animal.

A bouncy, happy children's melody designed to convey fun and happiness using a variety of uplifting instrumentals such as xylophone and catchy hand claps.


Fast busy wood blocks, strings and an array of percussion create an upbeat cartoon or animation style theme designed to represent a cheeky cartoon character or animal up to mischief. An ideal track to convey a sense of mischief or humour.

A happy, casual childrens style melody designed with many instrumental ups and down featuring, chimes, electronic keyboard and deep pulsating tuba.

An upbeat, cheeky melody featuring pacy Harp, flowing Flute and quirky Pizzicato Strings with fun flowing phrases which combine to create an upbeat animated cartoon character theme suitable for conveying a magical whimsical comic situation.

Upbeat drums, pop style piano and happy joyful glockenspiel combine to create a happy and vibrant children's style melody contains many bright and exciting elements to help convey a fun, playful scene.

Fun, whimsical and playful song with a catchy melody which features Bassoon, pizzicato strings, flute and clarinet. Ideal for a children's cartoon, toy commercial, video game or Children's montage. Also works well in silly, cheeky scenes, Reality shows, or radio jingles.

Pulsing tuba bass, chirpy piccolo, joyful synth and quirky xylophone create a simple, happy bouncy children's track implying having fun, being bright and cheerful and ultimately being happy. Suitable for advertising to create an uplifting sense of fun.

Quirky pizzicato strings and vibrant xylophone notes play a melodic array of fun packed mischievous comedy excitement features many happy upbeat climaxes’.

Bassoon, clarinet, glockenspiel and pizzicato strings combine to create a story telling animal theme style melody evoking a sense of happiness and adventure.


Quirky Pizzicato strings combine with pulsating joyful bass, overlaid with vibrant orchestral strings. The melody is happy and bouncy and suggests an cartoon character or theme for creating a sense of mischief, joy and excitement.





















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