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big earth 2


Quirky wood blocks combine with vibrant acoustic instrumentation forging a zany playful children’s theme useful for animation. The theme itself was designed to imply creativity and discovery.


A cute flowing instrumental melody with happy and joyful elements featuring xylophone, strings and piano. Very useful for educational or childrens projects. Also, great if used with animal themes.

Loving and simplistic playful kids piece implying beauty and happiness featuring guitar, strings and sweet instrumental flute phrases. Very useful for Children's or educational purposes.

Deep bassy trumpet provides a repetitive throbbing beat which is contrasted with sweet xylophone sounds and playful electronic keyboard chords.

One of our best selling uplifting tracks featuring a vibrant array of instruments including bells, chimes, piano and acoustic guitar.  The track is full of energy and joy and features many high uplifting instrumental builds and climaxes.

A great comedy or animal themed melody which creates a sense of mischief featuring cheeky trumpet and deep tuba bass. Delicate xylophone and flute are overlaid adding a more innocent and delicate feel to the track.

Pleasant flute backed with delicate, loving piano chords provide a beautiful heart warming background melody for projects requiring a cute theme. Great for animation and scenes of beauty.

Light, traditional tune suggesting childlike dance or fairy twinkles fluttering in a magical way with a hint of mysterious flowing harp and piano cascades, ending in a bright ballet-like crescendo.

A sweet array of musical instruments featuring clarinet, xylophone, flute, pizzicato and strings combine to create a slow animated simple track with a casual "everyday life" care-free feel.

An exciting melody created using a variety of orchestral instruments provides an upbeat colourful theme suggesting Christmas Day or an exciting magical moment. Great if used for animation or Children’s film scene.

Rustic honky-tonk piano and xylophone blend together to create a adventurous playful melody.The meoldy suggests a wooden toys, a puzzle game or thoughful animated scenario.

Sweet piano chords create a pleasant gentle melody which is backed with trumpet gentle hints of chimes in the background creating a sweet innocent childlike theme tune.

A joyful children's track with happy positive and piano, music box and glockenspiel instrumentation. A suitable exciting track for sweet or cute innocent themed projects, maybe involving baby or child advertising.

Jazz piano jazz-guitar and a funky trumpet creates a slightly contemporary inspirational comedy style melody with lots of fun and happiness. The melody is catchy and very useful for advertising as it holds a feel good style piano melody.

Playful instrumental track featuring vibes conjuring up image of an inquisitive baby on a crawl about. The melody features happy characteristics with a sense of adventure.

The title says it all really.. A combination of beautiful light instrumentals featuring chimes, delicate piano and vibrant acoustic guitar. The track was designed for to convey a cute and sweet feel, whilst containing playful happy elements.























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