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A fresh and breezy African style track featuring many uplifting and happy elements. Instruments include African drums, acoustic guitar, African Flute, female background vocals and maracas.


Ethnic African style vocals backed by traditional pipes and light tropical drums create a sense of tropical adventure and discovery. Suggests at kinship of traditional African tribal and family living.


Oriental guitar strings shimmer a gentle tune that echo’s in the distance, which suggests paradise and tourism, when gradually synths and piano are introduced to add a more modern backing.



Deep African instrumentation overlaid with African bongos and African hunting horn creates a sense of panic and fear. Track suggests a chase or African tribe searching through the jungle trying catch something. Useful as documentary music.


Hawaiian slide guitar and Latin percussion create a realistic tropical vibe atmosphere boasting key elements of style and luxury.


An array of African instrumentation creates a sense of mystery and Indian culture suitable for travel, documentary, or relaxing background music for wildlife series.


Ethnic tribal drums backed with choir vocals suggests an adventure through a forest. Ideal for doctumentary or wildlife theme.


Eastern style strings backed with softening flute and tribal drums evokes a sense of travel and oriental culture. A useful melody for travel documentary, food or restaurant theme or imply a Chinese oriental style background theme.

A Traditional Caribbean style track combining steel drums, maracas and various acoustic instruments along side electric guitars that are commonly used in Caribbean areas such as beach holiday bars and popular resorts.


A casual, mellow track with many French elements and characteristics with a slight romantic laid-back edge. Ideal if used with French cuisine/food for advertising purposes.


A traditional travel documentary style background track designed for use with Australian music themes and backgrounds.


Laid back acoustic guitar riffs accompanied by heavy bass create mellow laid back vibe, with a international/vacation feel with a hint of mystery and intrigue.


Ethnic traditional instrumentation creates a sense of discovery and exploration making a suitable theme for ancient relic or discovery documentary involving tombs.


Traditional Indian instrumentation such as Sitar, sarod, Indian vocal phrases and bansuri flute combine to create a unique taste of Indian culture.


Guzheng, Chinese Noisemaker, Chinese Gong and a flowing string section merge to create a soft flowing Asian theme designed with many flowing, carefree and relaxing elements.


Flowing Asian melody featuring Chinese moon guitar and oriental flutes creating a slight rural feel with traditional Chinese ambiance. Occasional  background vocals and string washes add a sense of relaxation and meditative peace.


Traditional Chinese instrumentation backed with zonal harmonic synth washes creates a relaxing, yet slightly mysterious oriental background theme, designed for relaxation, spiritual healing and to convey a sense of Asian lifestyle.


Authentic Asian instruments such as Guzheng, Chinese Noisemaker, Chinese Gong and Strings combine create an upbeat Asian style melody suitable for uplifting celebration themed projects.


A meditative array of oriental instruments including Chinese violin, oriental flute,  guitar and oriental percussion. A suitable relaxation track for meditation or martial arts tuition featuring many relaxing Chinese elements and peaceful washes.


Romantic style French Accordion waltz with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Suggests cafe or French street scene. Also useful for parody/comedy around a French theme or Valentines presentation.






















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