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A mixture of instruments including casual acoustic guitar, simple chimes and catchy trumpet makes a creative track great for creative projects such as art and craft, cooking, make-up, or casual themes in general requiring a simplistic theme.


An inspiring track designed using soft bass overlaid with electric guitars create a positive and inspiring background track to convey achievement, success or striving to reach goals or aspirations. Great for charity promos, sporting events or motivational themes.

Electric guitar provides an encouraging sense of determination and positiveness backed with upbeat modern drums. This melody is a great if used for confidence building, encouragement or team work. Very uflifting, and conveys a sense of self belief or achievement.

Timely Glockenspiel with distant bass guitar licks create dynamic corporate theme which flows slowly offering a sense of comfort and professionalism. Synth washes are introduced midway creating a relaxing atmospheric background.

Electric guitar and drums combine to create an energetic modern rock theme suitable for motivational corporate themes. The melody itself implies driving towards success and achieving goals, making it useful for projects looking to convey a sense of teamwork.

Positive electric guitar licks create instant inspiring feel suggesting an award winning moment of success. Very uplifting track designed to imply success in sport events, inspiration and corporate motivation for business, corporate or educational purposes.

Gliding electric guitar backed with uplifting background washes and inspirational strings creates a motivational track in the style of Coldplay.

A Fun catchy melody with a feel good vibe featuring warm and bright acoustic guitar along with playful bells and vibrant keyboards elements.

Vibrant acoustic guitar backed with a happy uplifting beat featuring playful xylophone. A creative track, designed to bring happiness and creativity to projects requiring an everyday style mood containing a simple feel. Useful for children’s themes, commercial or advertising.

One of our most popular tracks designed to motivate and inspire which at the same time offers a sense of achievment and determination. A very motivational track very useful for sports success, winning or achieving goals.

A combination of inspring piano chords backed with earthy zonal tones convey a sense of freedom or beautiful landscape. Useful for uplifting scenes of beauty.

Grand piano chords start the track of which gradually get louder and are overlaid with more high pitched piano chords creating an inspiring mood.

A bouncy, happy children's melody designed to convey fun and happiness using a variety of uplifting instrumentals such as xylophone and catchy hand claps.

Happy hand claps combined with playful xylophone and joyful bass create a glowing and feel-good melody useful for fun themed projects.

Inspirational piano licks accompanied with uplifting sweeping strings. Useful for motivational success or personal achievement theme.























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dramatic loops

Softening gentle ambient synthesizers washed with modern contemporary piano notes create a reflective styled melody suitable for creating an relaxing background for relaxation or to suggest contemplation.