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Searing strings and bold orchestral instrumentation make an ideal war or battle scene background piece. A very dramatic track with many epic qualities. Useful for dramatic background music for film or TV.


Powerful symphonic orchestral string and brass instrumentation creates a dramatic build up to a last stand/final battle scenario.

Powerful electric guitar with dramatic drum crashes creates a loud, angry rock melody with many dominant elements. Suggested end use: Dominance, dramatic scenes, battle scenes, anger.

A heroic array of string instruments and military style horns create war or battle style track suitable for conveying a sense of victory or unveiling something epic. Great for game production or dramatic scenes of glory.

Powerful uplifting loud drum crashes and electric guitar create this inspiring sports motivational track suggesting winning, going for glory and acheiving dreams. Very motivational and determined track with many positive aspects.

A fast paced barrage of crashing drums and electric guitar produce a lively motivational sports sound track with epic uplifting climax's throught. Very useful background music for sport or highlight reel. Suggests racing.

Tubular Bells and dramatic piano chords pound away in this tense composition creating a sense of power and seriousness. A very powerful track conveying many explosive moods.

A cinematic theme suitable for game, film trailer or introduction to an epic theme or battle project featuring  a wide range of musical styles, including chanting, string orchestra, percussion and opera orchestral passages.

Rap-style theme with hand clapping bassy beat suggests a main event or entrance scene, designed to create an underground fighting atmosphere with loud crashing cymbals and small modern dj mixing elements.

Surging full string orchestra suggests epic battle or dramatic scene with lots of action and sense of a legendary end battle scene. Marching drums suggest an epic war or clash of weapons.

Driving, duel-distorted electric guitars deliver strident patriotic anthem with pulsing beat. Atmospheric opening gives way to searing guitar histrionics, with strings melody in middle section adding contrast. Suggests a patriotic, fevered scene.

Ominous piano chords with building string accompaniment and military style drums herald dawn of battle.

Triumphant battle horns embark serious build up to a heroic battle scene. The mid section developes into a brighter passage offering a sense of hope which makes a useful theme for conquest or final stand.

A comforting track with acoustic and bass guitars which create a sense of relaxation and luxury. Occasional bird like sound effects suggest wildlife surroundings hinting at discovery or paradise.

Longing strings and inspiring piano combine to develop an emotionally dramatic melody - ideal for scenes of freedom or resolution. Very inspiring and great if used for scenes of emotion.

A slow string build up gradually incorporates a full orchestral production featuring many cinematic elements rising and lowering throughout making it useful for film or TV theme.
























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